March 2016


We made a little progress on building the coop.  We are just about finished building the main coop.  It just needs a few doors installed and it will be finished.  Next it will be time to build the run.  Hopefully the weather will be as nice it was when we built the coop.

2 week old chicks
Getting bigger

The chickens have already doubled in size.  It looks like I’ll need to get the chicken coop ready sooner then I expected.  Also, one of our cats has taken an interest in the new arrivals.  


Now that the chicks arrived its time to start building a chicken coop.  I looked for plans on the internet but wasn’t able to find any useful ones.  I thought about buying a kit but everything I read about them they don’t last very long.  So after looking at hundreds of pictures of coops I


Our four chicks arrived today.  We got two Barred Rocks and two Red Stars.  We’ve been ready for the chicks for several weeks but you never know if you forgot something.  They appear  healthy and very active.  Now it’s time to start working on the chicken coop.


We decided to get a few chickens to supply us a few eggs.  We have thought about it for a few years but finally are becoming chicken owners.  The first order of business is to build a brooder for the young chicks.  Lucky for us we have an old rabbit hutch in the backyard that