Our First Egg

We finally got our first egg from the hens.  Right now only one bird is producing any eggs.  Hopefully they all will soon give us a few eggs.

Roosting chickens

      We are finally able to put the chickens out in the new coop.  They love their new house.   I have only a few more tasks to finish before I’m done.  I need to build a drip waterer and a PVC feeder.

Building chicken run

There was a break in the weather and we were able to make great progress building the run for the chicken coop.  Just a little more work and it should just about be done.  The weather doesn’t look like it is stay this nice so I doubt it will get finished this week.  


We made a little progress on building the coop.  We are just about finished building the main coop.  It just needs a few doors installed and it will be finished.  Next it will be time to build the run.  Hopefully the weather will be as nice it was when we built the coop.

2 week old chicks
Getting bigger

The chickens have already doubled in size.  It looks like I’ll need to get the chicken coop ready sooner then I expected.  Also, one of our cats has taken an interest in the new arrivals.